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ATI offers several programs specially designed for students and recent graduates.

Clinical Placements and Post-Professional Education

For Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy or Occupational Therapy Assistant students, there are several opportunities available:

  • Full- and Part-Time Clinical Rotations in PT, PTA, OT and OTA
  • Residency and Fellowship
  • Clinical Rotation Program

    Designed for PT, PTA, OT or OTA students who are required to gain hands-on experience within a clinical setting as part of their practical, in-clinic academic requirements.

    All Clinical Rotation Program placement requests must be submitted to our central team. Successful completion often serves as a steppingstone into the Explore ATI Travel Program.

    PT Students Request here PTA Students Request here OT Students Request here

  • Residency and Fellowship

    Our residency and fellowship programs can help set you off on the right foot if you’re a new grad, or help established clinicians ensure they are practicing at the highest level.